Siding Services

Siding Services

Your home’s siding condition can be easily overlooked, especially when you only glimpse at it from time to time. Like most homeowners, you probably never really inspected the condition of your house’s siding, thinking that it’s merely for design. However, aside from its aesthetic purpose, the siding plays a vital role in keeping your entire house more secure from natural elements. It prevents moisture, molds, dirt, and insects from entering your house.

Another benefit of having quality siding is that it can protect your home and everything inside it from natural weather conditions that may cause faster wear and tear to your interiors. The siding can also shelter you and your family from extreme weather conditions. During cooler months, it will provide you with the necessary insulation to battle the chilly weather. On the other hand, it can also protect you from the sun’s direct heat during humid months.

Factors to Determine Siding Replacement

To determine whether it’s time to upgrade your siding, take some time to inspect if it’s still impenetrable to water. If your siding is already in poor condition, you will start to notice leaks through your roof or your windows. This could lead to more damaging issues such as molds all over the house. Even worse, it could affect the strength of your home’s foundation because the materials used to build your house naturally adjust depending on the altering temperatures.

You may want to take a closer look at your siding and observe how they are usually overlapping to serve as protection for the joints of your home’s structure. Once these joints are exposed, your home may be prone to moisture or water from rain coming in through the cracks.

Types of Siding That We Offer

As part of our excellent siding services, we highly recommend two of the most trusted and preferred materials by most homeowners in the city, which are Engineered Wood and Fiber Cement. These two types of siding come in a range of styles and variations you can choose from.

Engineered Wood siding is practically the most cost-efficient option in the market. It’s a great alternative to the traditional wood siding, which costs much higher. Nonetheless, it comes with similar textures and patterns that you will find in the conventional option. It is made up of composite wood materials that make it easier to install while retaining its durability. This type of siding can last anywhere from two to three decades, depending on the specific natural conditions in your residential location.

Another type of siding service we offer is Fiber Cement. This material is known for its strength and quality, being much heavier than its wooden counterpart. Most homeowners prefer this option because of its flexible, long-lasting, and low-maintenance nature. Although it costs more than Engineered Wood, Fiber Cement sidings can hold up sturdily for up to fifty years. This is because it is resistant to rotting, fire, and termites, making it worth your investment.

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