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Value for Money Home Remodeling and Restoration

Keep your property in top shape by maintaining its exterior and interior finishes through remodeling and repairs. Your home is regularly exposed to natural elements that cause wear and tear. Before it becomes an irreparable issue, let us work on remodeling and restoring your prized asset. When it comes to essential home enhancements, trust only the experts who can deliver the highest quality of workmanship. At Nampa Home Improvement, we provide extensive home improvement services, making us a one-stop-shop for everything you need. You will find that we offer the most competitive rates in Nampa, ID.

Our Services

Home Remodeling

A house’s structural form is bound to depreciate over time. If you have been living in the same place for over a decade, the damages may start to become more visible. You may find stains, cracks, leaks, and dents that need immediate repairs. Once you see these signs of wearing out, the best thing to do is to schedule a home remodeling service. This will help you avoid any major accidents of permanent damages to your home, which may end up with a bigger price tag.

Remodeling can, in fact, save you from maintenance costs in the long run. It’s a more proactive approach in taking care of your home that will cover all aspects, especially the parts that require the most constant upkeep, such as windows, doors, flooring, and your roof. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy your home’s new look. It will add to your overall living comfort and convenience.

Demolition and Excavation

Do you need a new pool? Are you looking into new landscaping? Or do you need to make another walkway on your property? We offer quality demolition and excavation services of any scale to help you do just that. From clearing your backyard or your lot from existing structures or trees to digging for sewers, pools, or ponds, our team of experts is ready to provide extensive assistance.

Outsourcing this type of home improvement service is important in ensuring that the whole process will be done according to safety standards. There are numerous potential risks in attempting to do a demolition or excavation project by yourself. These include accidentally damaging existing structures, drainages, and sewers, which could entail significant costs. Furthermore, we have the necessary equipment to deliver top-notch services without breaking the bank.

Interior and Exterior Painting

If you want to refresh your home’s look and ambiance, we highly recommend getting an interior and exterior painting service. It’s a quick and easy way to give your house an aesthetic overhaul without any construction work. Most homes require repainting to be done every 7 years since your house is constantly exposed to environmental factors that cause discoloration, fading, or stains. Likewise, it can also save your property from mildew, molds, and other potentially damaging natural elements.

Aside from making your home pleasing to the eyes, getting a new coat of paint done will increase your property’s value. Should you consider to resell it or rent it out in the future, your home will be appraised with better rates because of its well-maintained interior and exterior condition and increased curbside appeal. Your investment in getting your home painted will surely grant you the ROI that you desire.

Siding Replacement

This essential part of your property’s structure is often ignored because they don’t usually look too obvious even when damaged. However, you may want to take an extra few seconds to inspect your house’s siding because it holds a crucial function in protecting everything inside your home. Once the siding is chipped or misaligned, moisture, insects, and other harmful elements can get through into your property and cause even more costly damages. It may also affect the quality of your house’s infrastructure, which may result in major repairs or renovations.

Choosing the proper siding can help you avoid all the expensive restoration fees. You will only need to maintain it by regular washing to prevent mildew or molds from building up. Additionally, replacing your old siding can make your home more comfortable and efficient because it can affect the house’s interior temperature. On top of this, it immediately increases your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Us?

Nampa Home Improvement is your most reliable home improvement service provider in Nampa, ID. With over years of experience in home remodeling, interior and exterior painting, excavation and demolition, and siding replacements, we have developed a strong portfolio of successful residential and commercial works. Our team of experts inspects the project’s site to provide you with specific recommendations on the work that needs to be done on your home.

High Quality of Workmanship

Through our team of skilled and licensed professionals, we can deliver outstanding results. We are considered as one of the best in the industry because attention to detail is unparalleled.

Reputable Company

Our expertise has been availed by hundreds of homes and businesses in the city. Through their trust, we have built a solid reputation in the areas we cater to.

Cost-efficient and Value for Money

Having a beautiful and safe home doesn’t need to break the bank! We offer services at competitive rates. Just give us a call to get a free quote!

Compliant to Safety Standards

Safety is our top priority, especially in major works. We know how valuable of an asset your home is, and we want you to feel comfortable with our team as we work together. Rest assured that we comply with all safety regulations in our state.

Top-notch Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on offering our clients full transparency on cost estimates and the procedure of their required home improvement service. You will receive a hassle-free experience, guaranteed!

Here’s Why Our Clients Trust Us

"John Jireh"

“I’m very satisfied with the quality of work done by Nampa Home Improvement. We asked them to remodel our kitchen, and they did a marvelous job! I also did not expect them to finish the work exactly on the date that they committed to, but they did it. I love our new kitchen!”

"Marlyn Faith"

“My wife and I thought about having our house interior and exterior repainted because it’s so obvious that it’s getting old. Thankfully we got the services of Nampa Home Improvement who also told us about the basic repairs that we needed with our siding, too, before it got worse! They were able to fix all of it, and we’re enjoying our newly painted home cos now it’s looks like a brand-new place all over again. I highly recommend them if you need any home improvement services.”

"Joel Jacobs"

“Nampa Home Improvement’s team is so efficient, and I loved working with them. They showed me the cost estimates, and everything was transparent. Whenever I have questions, they answer them promptly, so I felt very secure that my home is in good hands. I also appreciate how they cared for our personal belongings in other parts of the house close to the comfort rooms which we had remodeled.”

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